Inverter Manufacturers and Alencon

If you work for an inverter manufacturer, we here at Alencon can offer you a number of benefits. Combing our DC-DC optimizers with your inverter will reduce inverter and electrical BOS costs significantly while distributing MPPT throughout the PV array to deliver more energy. Pairing your inverter with Alencon’s  DC-DC optimizers, will allow it to operate within a narrower range. The high voltage input from Alencon’s DC-DC optimizers  to your inverter at the same current will increase the rated output power, thus offering your inverter higher operating efficiency.  Pairing your central inverter with Alencon's DC-DC optimizers will allow you to achieve the utility scale topology of tomorrow today with your existing technology for either new or existing PV plants. Additionally, as an inverter builder ourselves, we offer decades of power electronics experience along with a robust IP portfolioWe are very open to working with you and your team to see how partnering with us could improve the performance of your inverter.

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