• Galvanic Isolation

    The Secret to Truly Effective DC-DC Optimization
  • Harmonic Neutralization

    The Key to a More Powerful, Less Expensive Inverter

    Alencon’s patented Harmonic Neutralization (HN) technology is a breakthrough power inverter technology that allows PV plant operators to drive the economies we so badly need in utility scale solar sector. This new approach to inverter design helps break through the AC power-output ceiling found in traditional, utility scale PV inverters that rely on the pulse-width-modulation (PWM) method of power conversion.

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  • PV-IoT™ | Solar Power System

    Alencon Harnesses the Power of the Photovoltaic Internet of Things

    We live in a world of interconnected devices driven by the Internet of Things. Alencon’s products brings the Internet of Things to the utility scale PV arena – a concept we call PV-IoT TM Alencon’s products come in-built with a number of sensors coupled with a powerful and robust wireless communications architecture to allow our devices to monitor and transmit mission critical performance data in even the harshest of environments.

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  • PV Plant Topology Based on Alencon Products

    The PV Plant of Tomorrow, Here Today

    To maximize energy production reliably while lowering system costs, Alencon combines the highest central efficiency, distributed maximum power point tracking (MPPT), and highest voltage DC bus voltage compatible with standard solar PV modules.

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  • A Robust Portfolio of Patented Technology

    Alencon products are able to provide outsized benefits to utility scale alternative power applications due to their innovative design and conceptualization, engineering concepts protected by a number of both U.S. and international patents.

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