DC-DC Optimizers for
Solar & Energy Storage
Like No Other!

  • Repower Aged Solar plants
  • Combine Solar + Storage
  • Build Better Microgrids
  • Increase Energy Yield
  • Charge Electrical Vehicles
  • Improve System Safety
  • Optimize Use of Battery Storage
  • Augment Existing Battery Energy Storage Systems
  • Full Galvanic Isolation
  • And so much more....

Unique, Flexible Solutions
for Integrating
Solar and Storage

Extend the Life and
Improve the Performance of Your
Existing PV Assets with
Alencon’s Repowering Solutions

Think Inside
The (BOSS) Box

Get the Best of Both Worlds!

The Granularity and Ease of Maintenance of a
Rack Level DC:DC with the Convenience of
Design and Deployment of a Centralized Unit


The industry’s most powerful PV String Level, DC-DC Optimizer for Addressing the Following Applications:

  • DC Coupling of Solar + Storage
  • Repowering Aged PV Plants
  • Facilitating Replacement of Failed Inverters
  • Building Better Microgrids

Use Alencon DC-DC Optimizers to
Build More Efficient and Cost Effective
Microgrids with Solar and Storage

Alencon's Patented
10 MW Central Inverter
Better Perfomance,
Lower Cost

Detect Harmful ARC and Ground Faults
In Your Solar Array and
Rapidly Disconnect PV Strings
with Alencon's GARD

Use Alencon's PV-IoT™ to
Monitor and Control
Your Solar Plant
At the String Level

Galvanically Isolated
DC-DC Optimizers for
High Voltage
Electrical Vehicle Applications

Our products

PV String-level DC-DC Optimizers
Bi-Directional DC-DC Optimizers for Storage Systems
10 Megawatt Harmonic Neutralization Central Inverter
PV String Level ARC and Ground Fault Detection and Disconnect
Remote PV-IOT™ Hardware and Software

About Alencon Systems – Passionate About Power

At Alencon Systems, we are passionate about power. We were founded by world leading power electronics experts who wanted to apply their unique level of knowledge and experience to help alternative energy become even more cost competitive with other forms of generation.

It is our mission to help commercial, industrial and utility-scale power producers generate cleaner power through the incorporation of technolgies like solar, battery energy storage and electric vehicles. Our unique, utility scale DC to DC optimizers and central inverters allow more energy to be harvested while driving down the overall deployment cost for technologies that will help in the deployment of cleaner sources of power.

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