Why Being Made in the USA Matters Now, More Than Ever

An integrated, American made approach to clean tech product manufacturing

Here at Alencon Systems, we proudly design, engineer and manufacture our unique DC:DC optimizers in the United States in our factory located just outside Philadelphia, PA. That is certainly not something a lot of other power electronics manufacturers serving the solar and battery energy storage industry can say these days.

We have chosen to build our products here in the U.S. because it allows to deliver higher quality products at more competitive prices with better lead times. At the same time, building our products here in America allows us to continuously innovate and improve our cutting-edge technology to assure our customers can successfully overcome their most demanding alternative energy project challenges. This integrated approach to product development and manufacturing also allows Alencon to offer our customers highly expert, factory direct applications and technical support in real time.

While it might sound cliché, engineering and building cutting edge clean energy hardware domestically is more critical now more than ever. Power project customers, from utilities to developers, are highly sensitive to government mandates about the origin of products connected to our power grid. This sensitivity does not just apply to where a product is built, but also to where the underlying technology is developed including the sophisticated firmware burned into a device’s microprocessors. Here at Alencon, all of our software is also developed in house, by a team of electrical engineers and software developers who sit just down the hall from the factory floor. We engineer our products’ firmware as well as application software with the most sophisticated cyber security protocols available for connected devices. As a result, Alencon's products have been trusted to be deployed by some of the country’s largest utilities as well as on a number of military bases around the country.