BOSS: Battery Rack Level,
DC-DC Optimizer for
Storage Systems

Alencon’s Bi-Directional DC-DC Optimizer for Storage Systems, the BOSS, is a unique solution for incorporating Solar and Storage using either AC or DC Coupled topologies. The BOSS enables the granular control of charge and discharge of individual battery racks with a patent pending, galvanically isolated approach.

The Alencon BOSS is the only DC-DC optimizer on the market capable of managing the charge and discharge of batteries on the rack level while offering galvanic isolation. This unique technology offers system owners and battery integrators a number of benefits, including the ability integrate grounded PV systems with floating batteries and the opportunity to integrate PV and batteries with very large voltage differentials. Based on the desired performance of the battery energy storage system, the BOSS will either charge or discharge each battery rack individually. The BOSS is an ideal solution for building new PV + Storage plants or for integrating storage into existing PV plants.

The Alencon BOSS is a cost-effective way to pair solar and storage. It can also be used for storage only applications. The BOSS offers storage integrators a number of installations options. The units can be installed individually atop individual battery racks inside a battery container, placed in a single rack inside a battery container or installed in an outdoor rated enclosure, either individually on a rail or in a single, pad mounted enclosure called the BOSS BOX. As such, the BOSS offers storage integrators complete flexibility in deploying the product with the highest level individual battery rack utilization and augmentation flexibility.  This flexibility allows the BOSS to be easily and cost effectively paired with either string or central inverters.


Battery Rack Level Charge and Discharge:

  • Improve battery rack utilization
  • Simplify battery augmentation over the life of a project
  • Reduce fault currents by isolating them to the battery rack level
  • Store more power in your batteries
  • Easily swap and replace batteries over the life of a project
  • Improves system safety, while bringing down cost

Wide Voltage Mapping Range

  • Easily integrate batteries and PV strings with differing voltages in the same DC-Coupled battery energy storage system
  • Offers the flexibility to retrofit storage into existing PV systems
  • Allows you to more flexibly integrate various storage options with solar
  • Makes Alencon’s products “battery chemistry agnostic”

Full Galvanic Isolation

  • Easily integrate floating batteries with grounded PV systems
  • Map large differentials in voltage between PV and batteries
  • Build DC-Coupled Solar + Storage that are consistent with the grounding requirements of component manufacturers
  • Easily deploy Solar + Storage with transformerless string inverters
  • Improve system safety by isolating components
  • Easily integrate large voltage differentials on the same DC-bus 

Configurable Deployment Form Factors

  • BOSS units can be deployed in a variety of configurations based on standard buildings blocks
  • Can be installed at the rack level, stacked inside a battery container or installed in a single outdoor rated cabinet
  • Can be used to combine Solar + Storage with either central or string inverters
  • Allows you to build a DC-coupled BESS to your specifications will retaining the reliability and redundancy of a distributed system

alencon boss form factors

8u rack mounted unit

8u rack mounted unit

rail or wall mounted unit - outdoor rated

rail or wall mounted
unit - outdoor rated

indoor rack mounted cabinet

indoor rack
mounted cabinet

BOSS BOX outdoor rated pad mounted cabinet

pad mounted
battery optimized

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