Alencon fuel cell

Fuel Cells

The Solution for Inegrating Fuel Cells at Scale

After many years of showing great promise, Fuel Cells are now ready to join solar, wind and battery energy storage as cornerstones in the transition to a clean energy economy.

A fuel cell is an electrochemical device that combines hydrogen fuel with oxygen to produce electricity, heat and water. The fuel cell is similar to a battery in that an electrochemical reaction occurs as long as fuel is available. Hydrogen is stored in a pressurized container and oxygen is taken from the air. Because of the absence of combustion, there are no harmful emissions, and the only by-product is pure water. 

Like battery and energy storage, Fuel Cells are DC sources. One of the challenges fuel cells face in being integrated into today’s clean energy mix is that they generally operate at far lower voltages than other renewable sources like solar and storage.

Alencon’s products are fantastic solutions for incorporating Fuel Cells with today’s array of 1000 and 1500-volt inverters. The Alencon SPOT can provide a unique, uni-directional solution for injecting clean power created from a fuel into a higher voltage inverter or DC bus. Alternatively, the Alencon BOSS can be the ideal, bi-directional solution for both discharging a fuel cell and running it in reverse to create hydrogen – a process called electrolysis.

Alencon's galvanically isolated technology is critical for integrating Fuel Cells because of their high sensitivity to ground faults. Using an isolated DC:DC like the The Alencon SPOT or Alencon BOSS protects the fuel cell from any ground faults that occur on the DC bus to which it is connected.

  • Solar + Storage

    The Ultimate Solution for Deploying Safe, Cost-Effective DC-Coupled Solar + Storage Solutions

    Alencon Systems provides you a wealth of unique, cost effective solutions for integrating
    DC-coupled storage into your next PV project or even to retrofit into an existing plant.

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  • PV Plant Repowering

    Keep Your Existing PV Assets Running Strong!

    A PV plant's performance can diminish over the years for a variety of reasons, from module degradation to a host of other causes. Alencon technology can help breathe new life into your PV plant by maximizing power output from your existing modules and decreasing conduction losses to your inverter. Additionally, if your inverter fails and needs to be replaced, the Alencon SPOT is the solution of facilitating the replacement of a new inverter into an aged PV plant.

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  • Microgrids

    The Alencon SPOT - A Unique Appliance for Building the Microgrid of Tomorrow...Today

    Alencon Systems provides unique solutions for microgrid design, no matter what you are trying to achieve

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  • New PV Plants

    More Energy, Lower Cost

    If you’re planning a new PV plant, you’ll want to be sure spec out what Alencon has to offer. Our products are available either as DC-DC optimization sub-systems or as an entire centralized PV harvesting system. Whichever Alencon solution you choose, you are assured to improve the performance of your plant while reducing its overall cost.

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  • EV Charging

    Unique Solutions for Your EV DC Charging Needs

    Alencon Systems unique line up of galvanically isolated DC-DC optimizers 
    can provide the solution for EV DC charging and balancing needs

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  • Battery Energy Storage

    Unique Solutions for Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS)

    Alencon's DC:DC Converters Provide a Variety of Solutions to
    Battery Energy Storage Challeneges Including
    Improving Safety, DC Augmentation, Renewables Integration and so much more!

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