DC-DC Optimizers: SPOT

Anyone looking at what's next for PV electrical BOS cost reductions needs to be looking at DC-DC optimization.

MJ Shiao
Director of Solar Research 
Greentech Media

Alencon’s String Power Optimizers and Transmitters (SPOTs) are the most powerful DC-DC optimizers for utility scale PV applications found on the market today. Alencon’s SPOTs can be used in combination with either Alencon’s central inverters, GrIPs or central inverters built by virtually any other major manufacturer. Alencon’s SPOTs offer a truly “best of both worlds” solution, offering the granularity of string inverters while allowing you to take advantage of the lower cents per watt cost of a central inverter while maintaining fewer connections to the grid.

Alencon’s SPOTs offer the following

Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) on each of 4 strings at once

  • Increased energy yield for the entire system
  • Minimize impacts of uneven soiling, cloud cover and module degradation or sporadic damage
  • More energy produced
  • Single SPOTs offer twice the number of MPPT inputs as the next closest competitor

Boost Output Voltage to upwards of 2,500 V

  • Reduce conduction losses
  • Lower BoS costs with less expensive cables
  • Achieve higher voltage from lower voltage panels
  • Assure optimal use of your central inverter
  • Reduce overall Balance of System (BoS) costs
  • Highest step up voltage found on the market today

Easy to Install

  • Quickly mount and install in the field
  • Faster deployment means lower labor costs

Granular Safety Features

  • Granular arc and ground fault detection help avoid hazardous situations such as fires or other harmful accidents

  • Safer operation, less potential for down time

  • Easier on-going operations and maintenance (O&M)

  • Only device of its kind

Galvanic Isolation

  • Eliminates the need for physical disconnects in the PV array

  • Lowers system cost by eliminating the need for combiner boxes

  • Not offered by any other solution on the market

Granular Data Collection and System Monitoring via PV-IoT

  • Intuitive monitoring of the performance of your PV plant

  • Maxiumum control over every string

  • Quickly spot problems before they occur
  • The only  system of its kind for utility scale PV systems

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