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At Alencon Systems, we are passionate about power. We were founded by world leading power electronics experts who wanted to apply their unique level of knowledge and experience to help alternative energy become even more cost competitive with other forms of generation.

At Alencon Systems, it is our mission is to help utility scale solar operators harness more of the sun's energy and reduce the levelized cost of energy (LCOE) produced from a PV plant. Our unique, utility scale DC to DC optimizers and central inverters allow more energy to be harvested while driving down the overall Balance of Systems (BoS) cost of a utility scale solar installation. Our products feature the remarkable PV-IoT software platform called VIEWS that allows utility scale PV operators to achieve unprecedentedly granular monitoring and virtual reality display of a PV installation to assure all aspects of the system are running at peek efficiency. When used in combination, Alencon’s DC-DC optimizers, central inverters and plant monitoring software deliver the utility-scale PV plant topology of tomorrow today.

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No matter where in the arena of the alternative energy value chain you fall, Alencon has the ability to offer you value. Click on one of the links below that best describes your organization to understand how Alencon can help you.

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Our team members work in a creative and fast-paced environment to produce
some of the most innovative power conversion equipment in the renewable energy industry.
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