Monitoring Software: VIEWS – The Visual SCADA

Alencon’s VIEWS monitoring software provides a complete overview of your PV plant at a single glance. It graphically displays voltages, currents, PV string performance, semiconductor temperatures, control board temperatures, and more, with easy to understand visuals. An accurate model of your installation populated with performance data will be of use for future sales, demos, diagnostics, and engineering support. VIEWS is based on Alencon’s patented PV-IoT technology. It is able to draw information for a myriad of sensors built into Alencon’s PV harvesting hardware and display the collected data in a stunningly graphical 3D representation.


PV Internet of Things (PV-Iot) Ready

  • Collect real time data from your PV array with no additional hardware
  • Make better decisions about PV plant operations based on actual data

Powerful 3D Visualization

  • See how your system is performing in vivid 3D graphics

  • Clearly understand where in the plant problems are occurring

  • Don’t get lost in data, see clearly what’s occurring

Comprehensive Data Capture

  • Understand the status of all the critical performance metrics of your PV plant

  • Know exactly how your PV plant is performing at every minute of the day 

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