Solar + Storage

The Ultimate Solution for Deploying Safe, Cost-Effective DC-Coupled Solar + Storage Solutions

Alencon Systems can provide you unique, cost effective solutions for integrating storage into your next PV project or even to retrofit into an existing plant. Alencon's solutions provide totally unique DC-coupled Solar + Storage solutions.

Benefits of integrated solar plus storage:

- Provide power when it is needed but not necessarily available

- Store extra power at times when it is available but not needed

- Reduce or eliminate demand charges

Alencon Systems can help you achieve these benefits by using either its entire High Power Inverter Solution or help you integrate storage into an existing or new PV system using third party inverters through the application of its unique String Power Optimizers and Transmitters (SPOTS).

No matter which of Alencon’s storage solutions you choose, through the use of string wise, granular maximum power point tracking, Alencon’s SPOT will allow you to harvest more DC yield from PV panels.  By integrating storage, you will be assured to hold onto more of that energy during periods of Grid curtailment and DC clipping. Additionally, by using SPOTS, you can optimize energy production during times of low sun by discharging batteries, periods when energy demand could be at its highest.

Alencon Systems’ String Power Optimizer and Transmitter (SPOT) can be used to enable the deployment of DC-coupeld solar and storage with inverters from many of today’s leading PV inverter manufacturers.  

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Alencon Systems SPOT Only Storage Solution – DC-Coupled Solar + Storage

Alencon Systems’ String Power Optimizer and Transmitter (SPOT) can be used to enable the deployment of centralized storage in a PV array with inverters from many of today’s leading PV inverter manufacturers. Such integration can be done either in new plants or retrofit into existing plants.  In this topology, batteries are placed on a centralized DC bus, with Alencon’s SPOT acting as a slave to the DC bus voltage to determine if the batteries should be charged or discharged.

Alencon Systems Complete High Power, Harmonic Neutralization Storage Solution

The complete Alencon Systems storage solution, represents a unique topology for multi-megawatt integrated PV and storage deployments.  In the Alencon Systems Harmonic Neutralization Storage Solution, batteries are placed on a centralized DC-bus between the Alencon SPOT and its 10 MW central inverter block.  System is able to operate in five modalities depending on prevailing conditions including:

1. Supplying energy from PV to the Grid

2. Supplying energy from PV and batteries to the Grid during times of lower sun 

3. Supplying battery stored energy to the Grid during times of energy demand when PV generation is not possible

4. Charging batteries from the Grid when energy is not in demand

5. Delivery or absorption of reactive power to the Grid to provide a variety of value added services to the Grid

  • PV Plant Repowering

    Keep Your Existing PV Assets Running Strong!

    A PV plant's performance can diminish over the years for a variety of reasons, from module degradation to a host of other causes. Alencon technology can help breathe new life into your PV plant by maximizing power output from your existing modules and decreasing conduction losses to your inverter. Additionally, if your inverter fails and needs to be replaced, the Alencon SPOT is the solution of facilitating the replacement of a new inverter into an aged PV plant.

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  • Microgrids

    The Alencon SPOT - A Unique Appliance for Building the Microgrid of Tomorrow...Today

    Alencon Systems provides unique solutions for microgrid design, no matter what you are trying to achieve

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  • New PV Plants

    More Energy, Lower Cost

    If you’re planning a new PV plant, you’ll want to be sure spec out what Alencon has to offer. Our products are available either as DC-DC optimization sub-systems or as an entire centralized PV harvesting system. Whichever Alencon solution you choose, you are assured to improve the performance of your plant while reducing its overall cost.

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