CUBE: Monolithic, Buck-Boost DC:DC Converters for
PV Repowering, Solar + Storage, Battery Energy Storage,
Fuel Cell and Microgrid Applications

Alencon’s Combined Universal Buck-Boost Electronics – the CUBE series - achieves its unrivaled power density of an DC:DC converter in its class by using a silicon-carbide based power train instead of bulky traditional silicon insulated-gate bipolar transistor (IGBTs). This high-power density allows Alencon to offer the CUBE at a very cost effective price point, letting clean energy plant owners and project developers more easily monetize the benefits the device offers and achieve higher project returns. The CUBE Seres DC:DC converters offers 5X the power density of other non-isolated units in its class.

The CUBE series of devices comes in two modalities - the uni-directional CUBE-PV series for pairing with PV arrays and the bi-direcitonal CUBE-ES series for use with battery energy storage systems.

The CUBE-PV is a monolithic DC:DC optimizer that can accept the combined input of upwards of 30 to 75 PV strings depending on string voltage, current rating and desired level of power output. The CUBE ES is a bi-directional DC:DC converter and can provide upwards of 500A of charge and discharge current depending on your system voltages and configuration. 

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