Considering Off Grid Solar Power Kits? Try Alencon’s Kits Today

If you are considering going off the grid, it may be time to start shopping for an off grid propane generator and off grid solar panels.

An off the grid solar power kits are usually known as a freestanding system and is a unit that generates power via solar and works to create and store its very own electricity from solar. It’s known as off grid, since it is the only kind of solar system that is entirely stand alone and does not connect to your local utility grid. This type of system is known as a photovoltaic solar unit. PV charge controllers generate electricity when the panels are exposed to sunlight and that energy is sent directly to a larger battery that stores it until needed. If the battery doesn’t have enough stored energy, it is sent directly to the rest of the system. When electricity is needed, it is taken directly from the battery and sent to the inverter. The inverter is an important component of your system, as it takes the direct current electricity created by the panels and converts it to alternating electricity to power your property.

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Off Grid Solar

Here's What You Need to Know About an Off Grid Solar Power System

Off grid solar power system is not tied to the local electrical grid. This means that your property becomes completely dependent on the energy that is created through your system and via the off grid solar panels. This also means that you will not be able to use electricity should your system fail or if you are using more energy than the system can create. The alternative is a hybrid solar system. These kinds of systems remain connected to your local power grid, as well as, having a battery that stores excess electricity. However, there are still a myriad of benefits to using an Alencon's off grid system.

Considering Off Grid Solar Panel Kits? It’s The Way to Go!

While an off grid solar panel system is more expensive than a grid tie alternative, the advantages of the kit and off grid solar panels trumps the few downfalls that are generally associated with the additional costs. For instance, this type of unit is the only one you can use almost anywhere in the world, as it does not have to be connected to any power grid. In other words, this kind of system is ideal for people who live in more rural areas, and is especially handy for those with summer homes or cabins. Another big benefit is that you can carry on using the solar energy the system creates during the night and at other times when the sun isn’t out.

Off Grid Solar Power – Consider Your Options Today

  • With off grid solar panels, you can use energy even when the sun isn’t shining
  • Make sure you install an off grid propane generator with enough electricity for your needs
  • You will always be prepared, even in emergencies
  • The best way to start is by getting off grid solar power system kits 
  • You will also need the grid tie inverter
  • Don’t forget all the connectors
  • Can be used anywhere
  • Can store excess energy in the battery
  • Don’t need to be at the mercy of the utility grid
  • True energy independence