BOSS BOX - Battery Optimized Container


Alencon’s BOSS BOX is a unique, cost effective option for deploying Alencon’s galvanically isolated, bi-directional power conversion platform – the BOSS. The BOSS BOX allows numerous BOSS units to be deployed in a single location. The BOSS BOX can be outfitted to include the exact number of BOSS units to meet the power conversion requirements of your application.

The BOSS BOX maps ranges of DC voltages on the input or output while isolating the grounding on either side of the device. The BOSS BOX can be the ideal tool for DC coupling Solar + Storage or augmenting existing battery energy storage systems. The BOSS BOX can be sized to fit any storage application and easily be added to when it is time augment your storage system.

The BOSS BOX offers the following features, benefits and advantages:

Scalable power blocks

  • More cost effective system sizing to meet your exact DC:DC power conversion needs
  • More flexible BESS system design

Isolated grounding between battery and DC bus

  • Couple Solar + Storage with grounded PV and floating batteries
  • Map wide ranges of different PV Voltages
  • More flexible and safe solar + storage deployment options
  • Easier augmentation of battery energy storage systems
  • Improved project ROI 

Compact Enclosure

  • Rugged construction
  • Forced air cooling with no need for auxiliary power

  • Faster to install
  • Easier to Maintain

other accessories

FEED – Fused Electrical Disconnect
SPOT BOX - Voltage Bosst and/or Buck Optimized Container
AID - Alencon Isolated Disconnect
Pre-Configured Y-Branch Connector Whips
Module Level Rapid Shutdown