Considering a Solar Grid Tie Inverter? Read On to Learn More

A solar grid tie inverter consists of a grid tie controller, solar panels, and an inverter.

You don’t need a battery for the grid tie system. The panels feed the inverter which in turn converts the DC voltage directly into the AC power in order to match the grid. Any power that is produced by the solar panels tends to subtract from what is being used from the power company. If your system makes more power than you are using, it then feeds back into the grid. Alencon’s unique system provides higher energy yield while reducing the overall balance of systems cost for a utility-scale PV plant. Our central inverter features a distributed, string level PV-harvesting system which increases yield and decreases losses by stepping up voltage to a centralized DC bus. Our central inverter uses a patented harmonic neutralization approach to efficiently produce AC power to the grid with minimal losses.

Grid Tie InverterGrid Tie InverterGrid Tie Inverter
Grid Tie Inverter

Everything You Need to Know About a Grid Tie Solar System

Alencon technology is driving down the cost of utility scale grid tie solar system installations. Our solutions can be used to design more efficient new utility scale solar plants or retrofit your existing plant to make it more efficient. Our solar grid tie system is modular, so you can adopt select subsystems to improve the performance of your utility scale solar plant or install our entire, centralized utility scale solar inverter system to power energy production at your PV plant. You can also add a pv charge controller to your system. Alencon’s technology is bringing down the levelized cost of energy (LCOE) by reducing the costs to deploy and maintain a utility scale PV plant.  Alencon’s products reduce LCOE by allowing you to harvest more power, reduce conduction losses to a central inverter and convert DC to AC to the grid with fewer switching losses than conventional utility-scale PV inverters.

Consider Alencon for Your Grid Tie System Today

Alencon’s products are very helpful for operations and maintenance. With our PV-IoT technology, Alencon’s products monitor the performance of your solar field on a string by string level. Additionally, with Alencon’s solution, there is far less hardware to deploy in the field, which makes maintaining your plant much easier and more cost effective. We install and maintain your solar charge controller and the rest of your solar grid tie system. Talk to us about your grid tie today.

The Benefits of Changing to a Grid Tie Power inverter

If you are considering a grid tie power inverter, investing in a grid tie controller, or simply looking for solar grid tie pricing, here are a few points to consider:

  • Reduce electricity usage
  • Reduce electricity costs
  • The system is tied to the electrical grid
  • Electricity generated by the solar panels flow back to the grid and utility company
  • The property is credited for electricity generated
  • Electricity is free if more electricity is generated than consumed
  • Excess consumption is invoiced
  • Discount electricity rates without needing additional space or wiring
  • Reduce environmental impact
  • Talk to a qualified solar analyst about your needs