Alencon Systems to Showcase Expanded Portfolio of New Products and Technology at SPI 2019

Alencon will feature the latest version of its SPOT solar DC-DC optimizer as well as its new BOSS Storage-focused DC-DC optimizer along with other new products and technology at SPI 2019

          Alencon Systems LLC will demonstrate its expanded line-up of unique DC-DC optimizers and other power electronics technology for the solar and storage industries at SPI 2019 in Salt Lake City, Utah September 24 – 26 in booth #2629.  The Alencon products on display at SPI will include the SPOT Version 6, the newest version of Alencon’s industry leading solar string DC-DC optimizer, the BOSS, Alencon’s bi-directional DC-DC optimizer for storage systems, and the GARD, Alencon’s solution for string level arc and ground fault detection and rapid disconnect. Additionally, Alencon will be showcasing its vastly improved Internet of Things (IoT) technology suite collectively known as the ACE – the Alencon Communications Environment.

            “The past year has been one of tremendous growth from both a commercial and technical perspective for Alencon’s unique products for solar and storage applications” says Hanan Fishman, Alencon Systems President. “SPI will be a great opportunity for alternative energy industry professionals to see Alencon’s new offerings first hand and understand how these products can help solve unique challenges such as combining solar and storage, repowering older PV plants and making cutting-edge Microgrids a reality.”

            “Alencon’s two DC-DC optimizer platforms, the SPOT for Solar and the BOSS for storage, feature our unique Galvanic Isolation technology. More and more, the alternative energy industry is embracing the importance of having galvanic isolation when incorporating DC-DC optimization into either solar or storage projects.”

Alencon Systems will demonstrate its extensive array of power electronics for the Solar and Storage industries at SPI 2019. Over the course of the past year, Alencon has developed a number of new products and technologies including a new generation of it SPOT solar DC-DC optimizer, the BOSS bi-directional optimizer for storage systems and the GARD for string level arc and ground fault detection.

The SPOT V6 

            The new SPOT V6 which will be on display at SPI features a number of enhancements to previous versions which make it ever more versatile and cost effective to deploy. The SPOT V6 includes the ability to have one output for each PV input, which can make deploying the device in PV repowering applications much easier and more cost effective. The new version also features enhanced thermal performance for a variety of climates as well as a new mechanical configuration which allows each SPOT to be installed in a matter of minutes.  The SPOT V6 can be applied to DC-coupled Solar + Storage, PV Repowering or Microgrid applications.


The Alencon BOSS is a unique solution for both improving and bringing down the cost of DC-Coupled Solar + Storage deployments while extending the useful life of the batteries and improving battery rack utilization.  The BOSS controls the charge and discharge of individual battery racks in both DC and AC coupled deployments.  The BOSS supports the integration of energy storage with 600, 1000 or 1500-volt PV strings. The BOSS can also be used for stand-alone storage deployments.

The BOSS features Alencon’s patented Galvanically Isolated DC-DC conversion topology. This unique architecture offers users a number of benefits not available from other non-isolated DC-DC converters, including the ability to incorporate grounded PV systems with floating batteries on the same DC-bus as well as the ability to pair high voltage 1500-volt PV with lower voltage battery chemistries. Additionally, because the BOSS is a rack level DC-DC converter it assures the most optimal utilization of each battery rack in the cabinet. By addressing each battery rack individually, the BOSS also improves system safety by limiting the fault currents in the case of a sudden short to ground thus potentially reducing system cost by eliminating the need for additional safety devices.  Additionally, the BOSS makes battery rack augmentation over the life of a storage project much easier and cost effective by allowing battery racks with different charge-discharge voltages to be installed onto the same DC-bus. Very uniquely, the BOSS also makes it easy to deploy DC-coupled Solar + Storage projects with string inverters.


Alencon’s Ground Arc and Rapid Disconnect unit, the GARD, is a unique solution for detecting harmful arc and ground faults in your PV array at the string level. The GARD also offers the ability to rapidly and safely disconnect PV strings with either a mechanical switch or remote command. The GARD can be deployed as a standalone device or in conjunction with Alencon’s String Power Optimizer and Transmitter – the SPOT. Additionally, the GARD can be used with or without remote communications. The GARD can be installed in new PV systems or as a retrofit to existing solar plant

The ACE – Alencon’s IoT Communications Environment

Alencon’s Communications Environment, the ACE, is an Internet of Things (IoT) hardware and software solution for controlling and monitoring \alternative energy assets. It can be used in conjunction with other Alencon products including the SPOT, GARD and BOSS to communicate the status of PV strings or battery racks. The ACE acts as a gateway to integrate Alencon’s power electronics with plant level systems and networks including SCADA and DAS systems. At the heart of the ACE is a powerful, web-based software platform that provides for the intuitive monitoring, control and maintenance of the devices in the field.

About Alencon

Alencon’s solutions for ALternative ENergy CONversion provide high modularity and scalability for systems from several megawatts to several-hundred megawatts. By helping to dramatically reduce balance of system costs and increase power production through new inverter and energy harvesting technology, Alencon helps advance the state of the art and increase the financial viability of solar power.  Headquartered in Hatboro, Pennsylvania, has been building PV power conversion hardware since 2009, drawing on the combined decades of power electronics experience of its engineering team.