Galvanically Isolated DC-DC Optimizers for Solar + Storage, PV Repowering and Microgrid Applications

Download information from this page to learn how Alencon’s solutions can help you achieve the following:

  • Deploy Solar + Storage more safely and cost effectively
  • Facilitate the replacement of failed 600 volt central inverters with transformerless string inverters
  • Repower older, underperforming PV systems
  • Build better, more resilient Microrgrids
Alencon BOSS
Alencon SPOT

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Use Alencon’s DC-DC optimizers for the following applications and achieve the benefits listed below:

  • Combine Solar + Storage

    • Deploy Solar + Storage more cost effectively with DC coupling
    • Combine grounded PV with floating batteries on the same DC bus
    • Increase Solar + Storage system safety and reliability
  • PV Repowering

    • Replace failed 600-volt inverters with new transformerless 1000-volt or 1500-volt string inverts
    • Improve the performance of older PV system
    • Reduce on-going O&M costs
  • Microgrids

    • Build more cost effective, more resilient Microgrids
    • Incorporate multiple forms of power generation including solar into Microgrids
    • Easily integrate battery storage into Microgrids

Our DC-DC Optimizers

Alencon BOSS

Alencon BOSS

Alencon SPOT

Alencon SPOT

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Alencon Systems builds unique DC-DC optimizers for a variety of alternative energy applications. Our products can be used to cost effectively deploy Solar + Storage, repower older PV plants with failing inverters or that are underperforming or to build state of the art Microgrids. Our products can also be used for stand-alone storage applications as well.

Our solar DC-DC optimizer product line, the SPOT, performs PV string level maximum power point tracking while outputting whatever level of DC voltage the rest of the system requires. Our bi-directional DC-DC optimizer product line, the BOSS, allows for the charge and discharge of virtually any battery chemistry to a DC bus. Both the SPOT and BOSS can be used to combine Solar and Storage.

All of our DC-DC optimizers feature our patented, galvanically isolated technology. Galvanic isolation offers users a number of benefits including the ability to incorporate various system grounding schemes, improved system safety and reliability as well as the ability to map large differences in DC voltage between input and output.