A Unique Approach to Coupling Solar and Storage

Learn About the Benefits of a PV-Centric Approach to DC-Coupled Solar + Storage

Solar + Storage is hot. Really hot. Like the market is going to double six times in the next 15 years hot, according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance. This whitepaper covers a variety of topics from the basics of what Solar + Storage is all about through to the benefits its provides, different topologies for deployment and the details of what is really involved in executing a successful Solar + Storage project. The article seeks to explain every buzz word you may have heard about Solar + Storage, so it’s a great lead for both experts as well as those looking to learn more about this exciting field. In particular, the article highlights the benefits Alencon’s unique PV-Centric DC-coupled approach to deploying Solar + Storage by using the SPOT family of DC-DC optimizers.

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