PV Module Manufacturers and Alencon

In today’s competitive market for PV modules for the utility solar sector, you need to make sure your customers are squeezing the most possible energy out of their solar panels.  Alencon’s products can assure you achieve just that.  Our string level DC-DC optimizers perform maximum power point tracking (MPPT) on four strings at once and allow you to step up output voltage as high and 2,500V, even with panels rated for lower voltage. By stepping up voltage, your customers will be able increase the amount of energy they harvest by reducing transmission losses.  Additionally, using our visual SCADA software, users of your panels will be able to monitor the performance of each of their PV strings.  Another great benefit of pairing your panels with Alencon’s level DC-DC optimizers is ability to mitigate against the effects of panel degradation. Alencon’s  DC-DC optimizers will account for degradation, regulating the DC voltage sent to the inverter.

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