Eneon-ES and Alencon Partner to Offer Unique Solutions for C&I and Distributed Generation Solar + Storage Projects

Leading storage integrator and power electronics manufacturer team up to provide a uniquely flexible, highly integrated solution focused on C&I and DG scale DC-coupled Solar + Storage projects

Eneon-ES, a leading battery storage integrator, and Alencon Systems, the leading U.S. manufacturer of galvanically isolated DC-DC converters and optimizers, have partnered to offer a unique, turnkey DC-coupled Solar + Storage solution.

The integrated solution offered by Eneon-ES has been specifically targeted at commercial and industrial (C&I) and distributed generation (DG) DC-coupled Solar + Storage projects. Such projects typically range in size from 500 kw to 10 MW. The Eneon-ES solution offers many unique features and benefits including a rugged, engineered battery energy storage container, rack level battery charging and a flexible site controller. This turnkey system provides the ability to integrate battery energy storage easily and flexibly with a wide variety of PV string inverters.

The integrated storage solution offered by Eneon-ES addresses a major need in the solar plus storage arena: A turnkey, cost effective solution that can be easily deployed by developers and solar EPCs alike for smaller to mid-size clean energy projects. C&I and Distributed Generation scale projects are particularly well suited to the DC coupled method of combining solar plus storage because this approach allows project developers to maximize the value of grid interconnect agreements by only having to use a single grid-tied inverter. By contrast, AC coupled Solar + Storage projects require the use of two inverters, which can increase interconnect costs while reducing the amount of power that can be stored and generated. Additionally, DC coupling can offer many tax-equity advantages to project investors.

            The Eneon-ES solution, which integrates the Alencon BOSS, also allows developers with already approved interconnect agreements to easily add storage to those projects. This lets them take advantage of local storage incentives without having to change the inverter specified in the interconnect application in many cases., This ability permits developers to deploy projects faster without having to refile their interconnect agreement. Such situations can be commonplace in storage markets such as New York and Massachusetts.

“To date, scalable DC coupled solutions have required large central inverters and monolithic DC:DC converters, making them a challenge to justify and deploy at the C&I and DG scale,” explains Huang Iu, Founder and CTO of Eneon-ES. “Furthermore, these sorts of projects have really only been executable by large integrators who are focused on larger, multi-megawatt projects and thus are not able to cost effectively address the needs of the C&I and DG sectors when it comes to pairing solar and storage. By pairing battery storage with Alencon’s BOSS and offering a full turnkey solar plus storage solution that is inverter agnostic, Eneon-ES is able to help developers and Solar EPC’s meet this previously unaddressed challenge.”

“Many project developers and solar EPCs have become very skilled at building mid-sized C&I and DG scale solar projects with string inverters. However, integrating storage on the DC bus with those designs has been a challenge,” explains Alencon Systems’ President Hanan Fishman. “By integrated the BOSS into its turnkey battery energy storage system, Eneon-ES has overcome this limitation and thus can offer developers and solar EPCs a seamless solution to adding storage to their PV projects without having to change the way they do business.”

About Eneon-ES

Eneon-ES is a joint of venture of two leading Canadian industrial technology companies, Canadian Energy and Tundra Process Solutions Ltd. Through the combined expertise of these two well established companies, a keen eye for quality, innovation and detail; and creating real value for itss clients – Eneon’s goal is to be the leader in customized Battery Energy Storage Systems in North America.

About Alencon

Alencon’s solutions for ALternative ENergy CONversion provide high modularity and scalability for systems from several megawatts to several-hundred megawatts. By helping to dramatically reduce balance of system costs, and increase power production through new inverter and energy harvesting technology, Alencon helps advance the state of the art and increase the financial viability of solar power. Headquartered in Hatboro, Pennsylvania, has been building PV power conversion hardware since 2009, drawing on the combined decades of power electronics experience of its engineering team.