Visit Alencon at
Solar Power International

September 13 – 15, 2016
Booth #3023

Alencon Systems LLC will unveil the latest generation of its unique PV harvesting and central inverter solution at Solar Power International 2016 in Las Vegas, September 12 – 15 in booth number 3023. 

Major highlights of Alencon Systems’ PV optimizer and central inverter solution include the recently developed third generation of String Power Optimizers and Transmitters (SPOTs), the company’s powerful DC-DC optimizers which are capable of stepping-up the voltage harvested from PV arrays to any DC voltage upwards of 2,500 volts while performing maximum power point tracking (MPPT) on up to four strings of solar panels at once. Additionally, Alencon will be demonstrating its patented PV-IoT™ solution which provides unprecedentedly granular monitoring of the performance of a utility scale PV installation. At the heart of Alencon Systems’ solution is its Grid Inverter Package (GrIP) central inverter, a central inverter that scales up quickly to the multi-megawatt level in 2.5 MW increments. 

“Alencon’s third generation SPOT will set a new standard in energy harvesting for utility scale PV plants,” says Alencon Systems’ Vice President of Engineering, Ulrich Schwabe. “Using the SPOT in a utility scale PV system provides operators the best of both worlds of either central or string inverters by performing MPPT at the string level while delivering a lower overall balance of system cost.” 

“Alencon’s DC to DC optimizer can be used in conjunction with either an Alencon central inverter or another vendor’s central inverter, making it ideal for retrofitting to existing PV plants or even using in hybrid PV applications such as combined PV and Wind installations. With our unique VIEWS monitoring software, we are able to leverage the internet of things, the PV-IoT™, to see how well a plant is performing,” says Schwabe.

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