Check Out a Solar System from Alencon and Get Off the Grid Today

Alencon’s unique technology is driving down the cost of renewable energy production.  Alencon’s DC-DC optimizers and central inverters drive down the cost of renewable energy by increasing the amount of energy that can be harvested from a solar plant.

 While also reducing the overall Balance of Systems cost, thus making PV a much more attractive energy investment. If you have been searching for reputable solar companies, you’ve come to the right place. We will help you choose the right solar panel system for you, install and maintain your solar system. There are typically three main types of systems: grid-tie, off-grid, and stand-alone. Grid tied systems tend to be the most popular as they are connected to your local utility and are mainly used for residential installations.

Solar SystemSolar SystemSolar SystemSolar System
Solar System

Consider a Solar Grid-Connected System and Start Saving on Utility Bills

A grid tied solar system is the most common solar choice. The solar panel system comes in a variety of sizes and will pull electricity as required from your utility provider. This is a highly cost-effective solution for many households, as any excess energy that is not used is pushed back into your local grid and sold to the utility. A net meter is used to show you how much energy your property has produced and used. If the system produces more than you need, you will notice the meter start to spin backwards. This kind of system means you can generate power from your local utility and the solar source. This also works well for commercial premises. A grid-tied system that has a battery backup is almost identical to the aforementioned system, only it has a battery storage that collects the power the panels generate and stores it. The stored power is accessible when you need it the most, like during a power outage.

Have You Considered an Off-Grid Solar Panel System?

When considering a solar panel system, there is also the option of an off-grid system. With this system, all the power that the panels generate is stored and goes straight into your property. There is absolutely no connection to your power company and is a great solution if you are concerned about solar panel cost and long-term savings. This is a completely self-contained system that has a backup generator or battery backup. If you live in a remote area where the local grid is too expensive or even unavailable, this is the system for you. The output and performance tends to be dependent on how strong the sunlight is. So, the more sunlight there is, the more power output you will get.

The Benefits of Investing in a Solar Panel System

  • A solar panel system means you won’t run out of electricity
  • A grid tie solar system requires very little maintenance
  • Solar companies install the panels for you and will maintain them annually
  • The systems are a silent producer of energy
  • Sunlight is converted into usable energy
  • The technology is constantly advancing
  • Production costs are becoming lower
  • Efficiency is constantly increasing
  • The power plants produce zero emissions
  • You can enjoy huge savings on utility bills